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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I file my taxes late?

A: The filing deadline for current taxes is April 15th,  however the Internal Revenue Services can grant an extension by filing certain forms. However if taxes are owed the payment must be postmarked by April 15th to not incur IRS penalties and interest.
Q:  What is a rebate check?
A: The true purpose of the government rebate check is to boos the economy. According to the IRS, mail will be sent to taxpayers beginning the end of May 2008.  If you filed a tax return in 2007- it is likely you might receive a check based on filing status and exemptions.
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Q: Should I have a business plan for my business even if I am not interested in receiving any type of federal or private loans?
A: Yes you should have a business plan. A business plan is a guide that lays out the mission and future plans of your business.
Q: Should I refinance my house if it will only makes a 10% to 20% difference in my mortgage payment?
A: Homeowners refinance for different reasons. If this difference is significant to your monthly budget and the costs associated with the refinance is not excessive than consult with your mortgage company to see the ending results of refinancing verses not.
Q. Do I need an Accountant or Financial Advisor to help with the business even if I have some finance knowlege?
A. It is always helpful for each business owner to understand the Accounting and Financial structure of his/her trade. Having an Accountant or someone who is specialized in their field will give your company the advantages and benefits that will help your industry survive.
Q. How can I become a contractor with the Federal or State Government?
A. The process to receive and accept Federal and State Government contracts is not a challenge but a tedious task that is worth the effort. The tedious part is making sure that your company completes all necessary documents and certifications to make the process advantageous. There is a lot of funding for small businesses and minority owned businesses. Prodigy Accounting Services will make sure that all the leg work is done so that your company can receive the financial benefits of contracting and/or subcontracting with government agencies.

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